Hint: Time to Clean Out Your Storage Areas; We Take Anything and Put It to Good Use!


If you have any PVC pipes with connections hanging around your garage, house, shed, etc, taking up space, consider donating them to us.  WE LOVE PVC PIPES!!!!  The children in this blog post are  practicing CreaTHINK (creating through deep thinking).  They took the PVC pipes and skillfully created a goat.  I bet you thought PVC pipes were just for plumbing purposes, but leave it to 4 and 5 year old children;  they can take absolutely anything and create art!

It’s been my experience all of these years as I’ve worked with children that they take the most inexpensive, unusual items and create masterpieces!  HINT:  Time to clean out your storage areas;  we take anything and put it to good use!






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