This Has Been An Ambitious Task for the Children!

Bats abound in the Honeysuckle Vine room.  Children have been experimenting with hollowing out clay in order to create bats suitable for firing in a kiln.  This has been an ambitious task for the children!

This week parents joined the children in this task.  On Wednesday evening a group of Bitty Brown Bat parents joined us in the Honeysuckle Vine room to play with clay.  After a powerpoint presentation about the overall Foundry Watershed/Honeysuckle Vine/Little Brown Bat project, parents created their own versions of Little Brown Bats.

In this post you are looking at children and parents working on hollowed out Little Brown Bats.  If the bats hold together, we hope to fire them, paint them, and then fire them again.  And if we get that far in the process we will surely display them proudly for all to see!


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