There Was Something Very Powerful about the Children Playing in the Park with the White House in the Background


Last week we traveled from Mann to the Renwick Gallery to view the Wonder exhibit.  A few of our children had already been to the gallery exhibit, but they were eager for a second viewing.  They decided since they had been once they could act as docents, sort of experts for the rest of the children.  They were certainly motivational as they described what they had seen and experienced rallying up and exciting the other children who were keen on having the same sort of big experience.

Children’s descriptions are contagious as they share experiences through animated actions and big voices.  After viewing the Wonder exhibit none of the children or the adults were disappointed in what they saw.  They left the gallery telling stories of equal largeness to anyone who might listen.

In this post you can see children hugging a tree in Lafayette Park where we had a picnic lunch.  There was something very powerful about the children playing in the park with the White House in the background.


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