We’ll Revisit Our Hypothesis: Snowfall Affects the Water Level of the Stream in Battery Kemble Park

Usually on Thursday morning we head out to Battery Kemble Park in an effort to make connections with the land surrounding our school. Battery Kemble Park is part of the Foundry Watershed. The Pre K and Kindergarten classes at Mann are housed on the first floor named the Foundry Watershed.

The Little Brown Bat, native to the Foundry Watershed, is the class name that we’ve adopted. We live in the Honeysuckle Vine Room.

If you follow our blog, hopefully you’re making connections with us to the Foundry Watershed, the Honeysuckle Vine, and the Little Brown Bat.

As part of our study of the Foundry Watershed and the recent heavy snowfall, we wondered where the snow might go when it melted, and would that change the water level in the stream that flows through Battery Kemble Park. To prove/disprove our hypothesis, we placed water markers made from a piece of bamboo, native to Battery Kemble Park, and a tree limb also native to the park. We tied ribbons left over from our Valentine’s Day Celebration right at the stream’s water level. A week later we returned and found that the water level had subsided. The ribbon knot was no longer touching the water.

We’ll revisit our hypothesis:  Snowfall affects the water level of the stream in Battery Kemble Park.  

We’ll add this data to our study and continue to monitor the level of the stream.




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