An Added Bonus for Me Is Participation in Movement, and for This Sixty-two Year Old Man, That’s Big!


In this blog post you are viewing the children playing a game of Leap Frog during Physical Education. Can you remember playing Leap Frog? I can clearly remember playing the game, and it was a favorite of mine!

The game lends itself to:

  • Trust
  • Jumping
  • Predicting
  • Estimating

Children are joyful when they are moving physically. Their bodies crave action.

Two of my favorite times during the week are Monday and Wednesday Physical Education. I accompany the children in the roles of documenter and supporter. During these times their joy is contagious. Sounds of laughter, screams of delight, and exclamations such as, “You can do it!” are clearly audible.

An added bonus for me is participation in movement, and for this sixty-two year old man, that’s big!


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