Last Week Our Mission Was to Set Out Water Table Markers

Usually on Thursdays we experience Thursday mornings in the Park.  Last week our mission was to set out water table markers.  Not very scientific on our part, but nonetheless hoping that it will give us the information we need.

In experiencing the Foundry Watershed upon which our school sits, the children want to know the area well.  So we go there to experience, experiment, research, be with the land, wonder/wander, play, and just enjoy being outdoors.

The pictures in this post show the children moving up and down the bank of the stream, having their chance to view the water marker.  The marker is a branch with a left-over Valentine ribbon from our Valentine’s Day celebration.  We placed the marker in the middle of the stream.  The ribbon was placed right next to the water on the branch.

Next week, we’ll return to take notes about the level of the water and have discussions about whether the water table level has risen or fallen.  We’ll take this information back with us to school and in small and large group discussions, we’ll come to a conclusion about our experiment.




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