Happening upon these Two Works This Week Wowed Me!

Happening upon these two works this week wowed me!

These factors were important in my being wowed:

  • chose paint as a choice imagining what can be – Children are encouraged to make choices wisely and to imagine what they can create through deep thinking.
  • independent – Children set up the paint area independently and mixed colors as needed for their work.
  • materials – Children showed a respect for materials as they handled them.  Little to no waste happened, the paint area was cleaned up, and they put materials back in the location where they belong.
  • conversation – Children engaged in conversation, not parallel painting, but problem solving, compromising, and moving on with the project.  This work was most definitely a collaborative effort.
  • deep thinking – Children engaged in making decisions about these works.
  • reflection – Children shared thought processes and problem solving with their peers at a reflection time, example:  we didn’t have gray so we mixed black and white.
  • return to work after a lapse in time – Work was carefully put away for a return the next day.





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