Children Unencumbered by Perfection Create Incredible Work!


I found this work on our observation deck.  The child told me that she was working on patterns and using the patterns to tell a story.  People and flowers were involved.  I was amazed at how she almost created perfect symmetry, a word or concept she isn’t even aware of yet.    I thought maybe I’ll use this as a teaching lesson about symmetry, but then I realized that it was perfect just the way it was with her perfect story, depth of thinking, focus for a huge chunk of time, as she sat there with a basket of cubes to create this masterful work!  At our meeting that morning in a very meek voice, hardly audible, she said, “Darrell, may I go to cubes today as my morning work choice?”  I wonder did she already have this image in her head?  Children unencumbered by perfection create incredible work!  



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