For Years to Come, the Children, You, and I Will Remember This Very Special Celebration!

This week in the Honeysuckle Vine Room, it was all about LOVE for the Bitty Brown Bats.

The children decided that they would make Valentine’s Day cards for their buddies, the Blissful Butterflies.  You can see the variety of pink, red, and white materials that they chose from to create original Valentine cards.  The children worked on the cards in pairs or groups of three.  Each card was unique!

On Wednesday evening, parents totally transformed the Honeysuckle Vine room into an amazing Valentine Fairy Wonderland!  It was so magical that we put Minnie and Micky on the white board that morning holding a giant heart wishing the children Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you, Parents, for giving the children your time on Wednesday evening to create this magical experience!  For years to come, the children, you, and I will remember this very special celebration!





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