Four and Five Year Old Children Celebrate Seeing the World Differently


On Thursday of last week we set out for Battery Kemble Park near Mann School in search of bat dwellings and honeysuckle vines.  Remember:  we are the Bitty Brown Bats living in the Honeysuckle Vine room.  In the photo you can see us hiking the trail leading to the park.  It was a misty, overcast day, that just made the hike even more appealing.

In preparation for the hike several students formed a committee to prepare materials needed for research on such a hike.  Here are the things that they suggested and prepared in canvas bags:

  • magnifying glasses
  • clear prisms
  • camera
  • large and small clipboards
  • writing/art instruments
  • various paper sizes to make notes
  • small spiral notebooks


Everything just looks different when seeing the world from a clear prism.  And that is just why the committee decided to bring this very important observation tool.  Four and five year old children celebrate seeing the world differently.


The children are no strangers to magnifying glasses.  Daily, they use them in our classroom.  In this photo you can see one child exploring foliage.  Remember:  we are looking for Honeysuckle Vines.


The children were amazing at transferring their observations to paper for use at a later time.  Doing research is important, but even more important is what we do together with the research.  Together, with the children, we hope to move forward in our understanding about nature, bat dwellings, and honeysuckle vines in this place where both bats and honeysuckle vines are native.


The children used a digital camera to take pictures of possible bat dwellings.  In this photo you can see two of the children assessing the picture that they took.

Already in our room, we have a working documentation board about our research hike.  Please check it out.


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