Living in the Moment Is the BEST!

IMG_4514 IMG_4510

Plucking a pumpkin from its place on the ground is serious work.  These two photos give evidence to that statement.

In one photo you can see Mom and son, deliberating on whether this is the perfect pumpkin to take up residence in their home. And the next photo shows two children holding hands, supporting each other in anticipation of this great momentus occasion!

The trip was not without its snags.  A late bus, caught in traffic, due to a couple of accidents.  A bus driver who took the long route adding an hour to our trip.  And a very important audit happening at school making demands on a timely return.

Only adults realized these stressful events.  Children, of course, live in the moment.  A late bus meant precious play time with their parents in the classroom.  A longer route gave them a longer, savored ride.  And they could care less about any audit happening at school.

Living in the moment is the BEST!


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