Working with Wire Was Cumbersome

Version 2IMG_4202

Fairies occupied a large part of our nature area last week.  I noticed a pile of twigs in a bundle taking shape on Wednesday.  I positioned myself for listening and observing knowing that I was in for a memorable learning experience.

The fairy project started with one student.  This work provoked an interest in another student on the same day.  In one photo you can see twigs, bark, and herbs from the garden piled on top of each other.  The child in the photo is working with wire to create a 3 dimensional fairy.  Working with wire was cumbersome.  The children decided to revert to paper and art supplies, more familiar materials,  to create colorful paper fairies in another photo.

Of course this is not a bad thing, but in order to move the children to more complex work with new materials, the following bulleted list is my own critique of my work with the children:


  • more experiences in wire, to be with wire, to know wire properties, needed
  • careful listening/observing critical for intervention
  • without support children will seek comfort in doing what they know best








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