Who Knew That Marjoram and Mint Would Create Such a Stir?


Who knew that marjoram and mint would create such a stir?  A garden volunteer walked into our room recently with a large bundle of marjoram and mint.  She said, “I think that your children might appreciate these herbs!”

In order to make these available to the children we placed them in glass jars for rooting observation and in our favorite wooden fruit/salad bowl.  We watched.

The children were most interested in what they could actually touch.  It’s the touching of the herbs that creates the celebratory, heart-stirring, good-feeling smells.

Herbs were crinkled, cut with scissors, stripped off the stems, and scattered about the room.  All day long we were happy when we were surprised by these sweet-smelling scents.

Look at the hands in this bowl.  Don’t you just want to reach in and do just what this child is doing?


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