Thinking about Thinking Seems Weird Because I “Just” Think.


I’ve been thinking about thinking.  I’ve joined a thinking group comprised of a diverse group of educators.  Our goal is to think about thinking.  How do we as professionals think, and how do we  utilize provocation to observe and think more about how our children think?

Thinking about thinking seems weird because I just think; I don’t even realize that I am thinking.  I’m challenged to think about my own thinking in order to think about how my children think.

One morning before the children arrived, just when the sun was coming up, I noticed this rainbow – the picture in this blog post.   I wished the children had been there.  They would have reveled in the glory of this phenomenon.  I noticed its bold spectrum of colors against the white wall.  I wasn’t sure what to do, so I took this photo.  It was too spectacular to be enjoyed alone.  So I pledged to come back to it so that I could wonder about its glory, even if just in a photo.  What could that moment teach me about thinking?

This is what I think:

  • Daily, wonder and natural occurrence happen all around me.
  • Did I choose this natural occurrence?
  • Did the natural occurrence choose me?
  • Life is a full of natural occurrences.
  • Children live in wonder about natural occurrences.
  • Children think when provoked.
  • Thinking about thinking makes me think about natural occurrences.

I am curious about how the children think about this type of phenomenon?   The children create a thinking balance in my life.  They provoke dual thinking –  simple and complex, bringing to mind that word, simplexity, again.  Teaching 4 year old children is simple and complex work.  Using natural occurring phenomenon as provocation requires deep thinking.

My own wanderings:

  • Would the children make a connection between the rainbow light and the electric wires in the photo?
  • Would they think about natural light and manmade generated light?
  • A rainbow that I saw last week early one morning provoked a powerful thinking lesson within me.
  • Anyone interested in  joining me in thinking about thinking and thinking about this one episodic experience?

There aren’t enough hours during the day to create research about every provocation that comes my way, yet I am responsible for thinking about those that might provoke powerful thinking experiences.


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