Writing a Message Is an Exercise in Becoming More Aware of Our Feelings


Children delight in making messages for their class family, home family, extended families, and friends. In this blog post you can see one child detailing an original message.

I noticed the child:

  • Chose the message area during choice time
  • Decided to make a message for a particular person
  • Developed a plan
  • Carefully selected materials from the message area
  • Created the message
  • Found the address of the message recipient on the address panel
  • Signed the message
  • Put the number address of the recipient on the message
  • Placed the message in the recipient’s box

Developing Skills from writing a message:

  • Literacy
  • Empathy
  • Love
  • Caring
  • Communication
  • Art
  • Fine motor

And the learning is endless – just from the simple task of writing a message.

I invite you to write a message – an art quickly fading in the age of technology.  Writing a message is an exercise in becoming more aware of our feelings.


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