Alas, More Research to Quench Our Thirst for Learning!

IMG_3683 IMG_9447 IMG_9449 IMG_9450 IMG_9451IMG_3688

The children are researching the Honeysuckle Vine since that’s the room where they play seven hours a day. In the last photo in this post you can see two sample cuttings of a Honeysuckle Vine that Maggie and Amy contributed to our research endeavor.

We placed the cuttings next to our fish tank hoping to provoke deeper research and connections between the plant and our beloved fish.

Several of the children equipped themselves with clipboards, magnifying glasses, and various writing/art materials. They’ve placed their research in our fish book binder.

Today as I was working with one child, who has been drawing a Honeysuckle Vine from a picture on our iPad for several days, suggested that maybe she should add a starfish to her overall drawing. The conversation made us wonder if the Honeysuckle Vine could live in the same water where a starfish lives.

Alas, more research to quench our thirst for learning!


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