So Let Me Explain.











You probably can’t see what the finger is pointing to.  So let me explain.  Each year about the same time, worms start coming to the surface of the ground.  They become bold and children-like in their need to explore the unknown; or maybe it’s just a worm thing.  Each stone, piece of bark, cut glass, or whatever natural or manmade object is overturned teems with worms.

It’s an exciting time for the children as they discover these amazing, slimy, cold-to-the-touch, dark, sleek, squirmy, segmented, snakelike creatures; probably not as exciting for the worms.  Who knows, maybe the worms surface for the attention, an annual pilgrimage to be noticed.  If that’s the case, the children are just the audience to welcome them.

Every year there’s a pro worm group.  These children sense that worms have rights, too, and they practice worm advocacy.  And then there are those children who just want to become part of the worm world.  Their excitement overrules any sense of worm rights.

The worm surfacing provokes:

  • meeting stuff
  • writing workshop topics
  • debate
  • noticing book material
  • science discovery
  • nature awareness
  • animal rights advocacy

Sometimes I meditate, and sometimes the children are able to work through the crisis themselves.

Worms Do need advocacy.  Children Do need worm discovery lessons.  Advocacy and discovery lessons lead to a gentler, more loving world.  AND isn’t that what we’re all striving for?


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