I Found This Paper in the Storage Closet One Morning.

IMG_1577IMG_1578.jpg message, making giftsIMG_1579














It’s summer break, and I have shifted into deeper reflection.  I am sifting through a large volume of pictures on four electronic devices.  Each picture floods my memory with a once in a lifetime moment that can never be replicated.

I came across these three photos, and I was reminded of:

  • surprise
  • delight
  • heartwarming gift-making
  • multiple languages/materials
  • literacy
  • math
  • fine motor
  • LOVE

I found this paper in the storage closet one morning.  I was drawn to it because of its abrasive texture, glitzy, shiny quality, and rainbow reflections.  It was two-ply paper.  The children separated the tissue paper from the translucent paper.  Upon discovery of this newfound material in our message and office areas, I noticed expressions of surprise and delight.

Immediately, the children went into gift-making mode.  Peers and family members were mentioned as possible recipients.  So much chatter, so much hope, and such urgency to get this work done with this newfound material as expressions of LOVE for much loved peers and family.

The children measured, cut, stapled, wrote, taped, glued, and pressed down creases to make the gift beautiful.

Mostly, I noticed four and five-year-old children practicing LOVE!




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