Children’s Lessons Are Powerful Sustenance in My Life!

IMG_9076 cajun roads

In honor of the children, this summer I am noticing beauty all around me.

That’s not a tough assignment in South Louisiana where I am spending my summer.  I do two bike rides a day – one in the early morning and one in the late afternoon.  Wildlife is teeming all about me during both of those times of the day.  The oppressive heat and humidity are both tolerable at those times, whereas other times of the day staying inside in air conditioning or under a big oak tree are both smart and sensible.

On my ride this morning, I saw this big, fat, furry caterpillar crossing the road quickly.  I swerved around it, and immediately I thought of the children and their love for all of life.  They would certainly have been worried that a bicycle or car might squash it.  I stopped and watched it as it made its way safely to the other side of the road.  And then I breathed a sigh of relief, and I was proud that I had honored the children’s love for all of life no matter how small.  Children’s lessons are powerful sustenance in my life!

The picture in this post was taken on one of my bike ride routes.  The water is a rice field/crawfish lake.  And the cloud formations grumble and turn into thunderstorms – common phenomena in South Louisiana during the summer.


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