The Hill Offers the Children a Variety of Options Everyday

IMG_3149 stringIMG_3150 what's in that hole?IMG_3151 hillIMG_3154 hillIMG_3157 hillIMG_3160 hill

The Hill offers the children a variety of options everyday.

One day last week, some of the boys found a ball of old string.  I was both amused and impressed in watching them entertain themselves with this ball of string.  It reminded me of the inventiveness of children and their ability to add complexity to play using a found object.

Logs on the hill offer the children nooks to hide treasures and to find new treasures.  The children look with wonder, surprise and hope into these natural crevices.

It’s almost summer.  For the children, this warm weather means summer.  Two of the Princesses lounge on a large log under a big shade tree one morning.

There’s always something drawing a crowd on the Hill.  Sometimes it happens naturally, and sometimes the crowd is drawn because the children have staged an area.


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