The Chicks Traveled in a Special Container Via Metro to Their New Home.

IMG_3053 snowballIMG_3057 snowball

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve had updates of our chicks since we placed the eggs in the incubator.  Here are a couple of pictures of snowball our firstborn.  She’s perched on the side of the cardboard brooder that the children made for the chicks.

This week the children naturalized the chicken coop.  They placed small branches, weeds, grasses, stones, and platforms made from natural items so that the chicks could perch higher up.

The children left Friday for their new home while we were on a field trip.  We knew that they were going to be gone when we got back.  In preparation for saying good-bye to the chicks, the children wrote letters to them on Thursday.

The chicks traveled in a special container via metro to their new home.


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