And I Thought How Lucky I Was to Be a Part of This Scene

IMG_2738 pandaIMG_2742 pandaIMG_2745 zoolIMG_2747 zoolIMG_2764 zoolIMG_2781 zooIMG_2783 zooIMG_2784 zoolIMG_2785 zool

On Friday of last week, we visited the zoo.  Thanks, parents, for making this trip possible.  And special thanks to parents and a grandparent who joined us on the trip.

The zoo should always be visited with children.  Their oohs and aahs and contagious.  I’ve included photos in this post for those of you who weren’t able to be with us.

On this day the animals truly gave us their very best.  They were bold and eager to view us as well.  The pandas and orangutans were in full view.  It was so amazing to watch the orangutans walking on the tight ropes right above our heads.

In this post I’ve included two photos that show the incredible focus of the children at viewing the animals.  As I took the photos I wondered at their WONDER.  To be a child again to have these magical experiences!

And I couldn’t resist including the photo of the children cooling off under the water sprayers throughout the zoo.  Their screams of delight resonated throughout the zoo.  And I thought how lucky I was to be a part of this scene!


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