These Children Don’t Understand What Important Lessons They Teach Me

IMG_2625 team work

The Hill is a magical, mystical place!  Fairies, pirates, leprechauns, and other make-believe characters/creatures abide there.  These play scenarios are created through the power of collaborative team work.  You can see that team work playing itself out in this photo as these children work together to carry a medium-sized, very long, piece of fallen branch.  These children moved the branch from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill.  To manage that, the children praticed negotiation.  Watching this play was the highlight of my day.  It was a great lesson for me as an adult that when I team up with my peers we can overcome challenges with great success.  These children don’t understand what important lessons they teach me.  Do you listen to children in anticipation of learning from them?


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