In That Way, She Helped Me to Be An Observant Teacher

IMG_2657 tulipsIMG_2658 tulips

I watched this child sit for a long period of time in awe, and showing respect, to this beautiful patch of tulips.  She seemed to be captivated by the volume of tulips and their vivid, bright colors.  To watch a child do this reminds me of how strong children are.  When the child is provoked into that yearning of communication with nature, there’s nothing that can stop the observant child.  I watched her carefully bend the delicate stem of the flower ever so gently so that she could smell it and look inside its petals.  I wanted so much to communicate my pleasure in her attention to the tulips, but I resisted for fear of spoiling her beautiful moment.  In that way, she helped me to be an observant teacher.  Again, I find myself being taught by a child.


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