The Day I Was Privileged to See This Exceptional Work Was a Cloudy, Cold Day with No Sun

IMG_8937 messageIMG_8936 message

One afternoon last week I happened upon one of the children working in the message area.  I sat with her, quietly watching her create quite complex art/writing for a child who has just turned five.  I was curious about her motivation, the colors she used, and how she might label her work so that others might share in my excitement.

She told me that she had carefully picked out the colors.  They were the colors that her eyes saw when she looked at the sun.  The day I was privileged to see this exceptional work was a cloudy, cold day with no sun.  I wondered if she was dreaming/longing of a sunny day.

i asked her to label her work so that if she chose to display it others might understand her work if she weren’t readily available to offer a verbal explanation.  In the photo you can see that she wrote sun and colors with arrows pointing to each.


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