In My Mind I Imagined That the Beetles Were Equally As Wide-Eyed and Curious about the Boys as the Boys Were About them.

IMG_8915 hillIMG_8925 hillIMG_8932 hill

Even with the cold lingering on, spring is in the air.  The children love the natural provocations on the hill.  In these photos you can see them creating fairy gardens.  For some of the children, twigs, sticks, and branches are the building blocks/props for just about everything.  I am always amazed at the numerous ways they create play using natural items like twigs, sticks and branches.

Some of the girls were enamored with the variety of stunning colors popping up everywhere.  These used these items in creating gifts/food for the fairies.  They handled the beautiful, natural, colorful items with delicate care and generously offered these gifts to their magical/mystical friends, the fairies.

In one of the photos you can see three boys examining a tree cookie.  On top of the cookie was an interesting looking spider and underneath the tree cookie were a variety of beetles.  The boys were careful and respectful with the life that they explored.  In my mind I imagined that the beetles were equally as wide-eyed and curious about the boys as the boys were about them.


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