The Child Who Found This Crunched Up Can Is Doing Just That

IMG_2549shift in beauty

As we’re playing on the hill recently, one child runs up to me with this crunched up can.  She exclaims, “Darrell, this gem is so gorgeous!”  For me, it wasn’t so gorgeous, but her response was absolutely gorgeous.  I placed her uniquely, gorgeous find inside a bag that we take outside to transport such jewels back to the room.

During my afternoon reflection, after the children left for the day, I realized what a gorgeous find this crunched up can really was.  This child’s image of beauty was undergoing a shift; she was viewing beauty differently.

We have been challenging the children to notice beauty that is uncharacteristic of the usual ideas about beauty .  The child who found this crunched up can is doing just that.

Join us in our research about beauty.  Bring in your own special find(s) that display beauty in uncharacteristic ways.


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