One Child Wants to See the Tarantula Being Fed.

IMG_2432 planning a tripIMG_2433 planning a tripIMG_2435 planning a tripIMG_2438 planning a tripIMG_2440 planning a tripIMG_2439 planning a tripIMG_2437 planning a trip









This week we’re going to the Natural History Museum as part of our research/study with our “It’s So Beautiful!” project.  Last week some of the children who had an interest in planning the trip met in groups of three.  They visited the Natural History Museum website online and wrote down ideas about what they might like to see.  In the photos in this post you can see the work by two students who wrote down their thoughts using the language of drawing.  One child wants to see the tarantula being fed.  Another child wants to see mummies.  The children will vote on areas/exhibits at the museum to visit.  Two of the children suggested that we split up into small groups so that we could see more and report back to the class when we return.

Mentioned in the meetings:

  • hope diamond
  • rocks
  • elephants
  • undersea
  • mummies
  • tarantula
  • bugs
  • fish
  • animals



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