We’ll Place These Alongside the Children’s “It’s So Beautiful!” Project.

IMG_2183 gift

IMG_2187 gift

IMG_2189 gift








IMG_2185 gift


Thanks to all of you, Parents, for attending our event last Wednesday evening!  I know you and your children better as I listened to you, passionately, share about your families.  The experience of watching these creative, heart-warming family snapshots evolve since August, has been a privilege.  Work like this happens only through time commitment, collaboration, and love.

The tapas that you prepared gave us another look into your one-of-a-kind family.  Sharing food is always an intimate experience, and this evening was intimately special.  One parent learned that her Dad worked with another parent’s Dad.  Connections are being made that make us stronger as a collective body.

Thanks for bringing in “beautiful” artifacts.  Please describe why you think those artifacts are beautiful, and send that description to me.  We’ll put the artifacts, or pictures of the artifacts, and our descriptions of beauty on a documentation board.   We’ll place these alongside the children’s “It’s So Beautiful!” project.



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