You’ll Have an Experience That the Princesses and Rangers Have Everyday.

IMG_2093 diversity quiltIMG_2098 diversity quilt


Here is a photo of our diversity quilt squares in progress.  Check out the board just outside the Princess and Ranger room and you’ll find other quilt squares on display.

Speaking of diversity, this Wednesday evening, March 4, from 7:30-8:30, in the Princess and Ranger room, we’ll be having a Diversity Celebration.  We’ll:

  • share the family art projects that you created with your family, celebrating our diverse population
  • share tapas, small plates of food, prepared by you and special to your family, celebrating diverse family cuisine
  • share your image of beauty through artifacts that you bring, celebrating diversity in how you think about beauty

You’ll have an experience that the Princesses and Rangers have everyday.


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