“It’s a Giant Jellyfish!”

IMG_2086 jellyfishIMG_2087 jellyfishIMG_2092 jellyfishIMG_2107 jellyfishIMG_2108 jellyfish

It’s a giant jellyfish.  A couple of months ago someone brought in an old computer keyboard.  We left it about the room, waited and watched what the children might do with it.  They took off all the letters and used those in the office and message areas.  On another day another child used wire to attach beads to the keyboard area.  Recently, there was renewed interest in the project.  I provoked the project by attaching various types of wire using various lengths.  That’s when one of the children called out, “It’s a Giant Jellyfish” and the project was completed in a couple of days.  The children attached a variety of items to the wire.  You should check out the “Giant Jellyfish” next time you’re in the room.  It’s something you might find in an art museum.


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