The Children Understand That the Crabs Need Their Care to Stay Safe, Healthy, and for Dietary Needs.

IMG_1984 crabsIMG_1993 crabs IMG_2032 crabsIMG_2030 crabs












Our crabs are important members of our family in the Princess and Ranger room.  This week they’ve gotten extra attention.  One child said that he thought the crabs needed to have some outside time (outside of the crab house).  Maybe he was thinking of all the snow and in need of outside time himself.

The pictures in this post show some of the crab and children interaction.  The children built crab habitats giving important details to the needs of the crabs.  They built walls to enclose the crabs in an effort to keep them safe from the foot traffic happening about the room.

The children gathered items from areas in our classroom including construction, nature, and office areas.  For me. one of the most endearing aspect of the crab habitat, was that the crabs might like to see themselves in a mirror.  Children love to see themselves in actual play using mirrors.  I am sure that you’ve noticed mirrors scattered about the classroom, some in places easily viewed, and some in places as accents to create illusions and provocations.

Next time you visit us, stop by the crab house.  Like the fish, they give a sense of calmness.  The children understand that the crabs need their care to stay safe, healthy, and for dietary needs.


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