But There Was Some “Yummy” Math Happening As Well.

IMG_8799 snowIMG_8806 snowIMG_8809 snow


IMG_8816 snow








IMG_8829 snow


After being away from school on Tuesday because of snow, the children were ready for some snow action on Wednesday.  I couldn’t resist posting these pictures.   In the pictures you see climbing up the hill, sliding down the hill, and kneeling in the snow.

The action that most struck me was a new version of snow angels.  I saw this group of three boys huddled on top of each other.  I wondered what was happening so I trekked on over to the pile of bodies laying on top of each other.  It didn’t seem like there was any harm happening, just lots of giggles.  As I listened and watched to see what would happen next, I observed that they were creating snow angels with lots of arms and hands.  One child exclaimed, “Look, Darrell, we’ve made a snow angel with 6 hands and 6 arms!”  Of course it was the fun, giggles, and creativity going on that kept me there, but there was some “yummy” math happening as well.













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