A School Is in Constant Motion, and Mann Is One Such School!




IMG_1994 change








This week I noticed this huge, green machine outside our window.  The trailers that have, for almost 2 years obstructed our beautiful views, are now gone.  We await the next steps in our overall school renovation.

A school is a live organism that encompasses many different aspects:

  • children
  • parents
  • teachers
  • staff
  • buildings
  • grounds
  • community

Schools should be fluid, ever changing to meet the needs of the most important participants, the children.  The bulleted list above are key participants in the ever-changing life of a school.

As the participants change, the school needs to change, creating a harmonious balance.

Change brings:

  • challenge
  • growth
  • depth
  • movement

A school is in constant motion, and Mann is one such school!





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