They Exclaimed, “It’s a Cake with Many Layers!”

IMG_1923 tiered cakeIMG_1919 tiered cake








Last week I observed several children transporting large volumes of sorted materials, carried in flat baskets and plastic Chinese take-out containers, to a large area on our meeting rug.  When I returned later I saw a beautiful tower, skillfully balanced.  It was tiered and had approximately 8 layers of materials.  One of the mysteries is how these children were able to get these materials to stay afloat and balanced.  That took patience, team work, and belief that they could!  Later, I stopped on one of my walks through the maze of happenings during this morning to hear the story of what I was seeing.  I asked, “So, what is it?”  They looked at me in this like how can you not know what this is, Darrell, sort of way.  They exclaimed, “It’s a cake with many layers!”  There is was, the mystery solved.  Little did they know, or how can they understand how impressed I was with their work.  Oohing and aahing seemed to be too little accolade for such a feat, but it was all I had to offer them.


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