Now I Can Support Them in Their Desire to Use Text.

IMG_1914 maps


IMG_1916 maps








There are some maps floating about the room in various locations – one from Disney World, another one from a ski resort visited during winter break.  This week I noticed a couple of children working in the construction zone.  They were reading the maps.  Due to the noise level in the room, and not wanting to infringe upon their strong commitment to the play unfolding, I wasn’t able to fully understand how they were using the maps.  It was obvious, however, that they were using the maps as guides in creating their play.  One child would read from the map, and the other child would follow the instructions.  These children are becoming more fascinated by written codes – our own alphabet in this case, and trying to make meaning of it in their own lives.  For me, this unforced way, is how literacy is meant to happen.  These children are exhibiting a strong desire to be literate in the language that they see in print all around them.  It was such a beautiful happening, and I was there to witness it!  Now I can support them in their desire to use text.


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