All Around Her Other Interesting Things Were Happening, but She Never Lost Focus…

IMG_1913 message


IMG_1899 message:office








As I practiced the “Pedagogy of Listening,” Carlina Rinaldi, this week, or the “Pedagogy of Observing,” Darrell,  I stopped near the message center to watch this child.  She worked alone.  My observation time there reminded me of these things:

  • Children make a plan when at play – She gathered her materials beforehand.
  • Children recreate/adjust their plan – She placed the items on the paper before she glued them down enabling her to rethink her plan.  Notice the craft sticks in the two photos.  They were changed after the initial placement.
  • Children are intentional and focused if they’re vested in their play/work.  All around her other interesting things were happening, but she never lost focus of her project.

This was a great lesson for me in rethinking my own image of the child.




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