It’s Important to Give Children Time to Play, Think about the Play, and Return to the Play.

IMG_8770 best friends










I wasn’t quite sure whether these three children were showing their friendship or helping each other over a patch of ice while holding hands. Whatever the case, it certainly is a photo worth sharing.  If my memory serves me, they were on their way to check out the fairy garden that was showcased in a post last week.  The fairy garden is just beyond the tree that they’re headed to in the photo.

As I overheard them wondering about how their fairy garden had weathered the snow, I was reminded about my own childhood.  I remember building campsites in the country using natural items.  I spent time thinking about those places, my own special places, and couldn’t wait to get back to them.  It’s important to give children time to play, to think about the play, and to return to the play.  When I am sensitive to this, watch, listen, take notes, and made videos; my own research gives evidence to learning that encompasses many traditional, and certainly, nontraditional disciplines.


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