Both of the Aforementioned Involve Collaboration, Concentration, and Focus.

IMG_1822constructionsIMG_1823 constructionIMG_1841construction


I am not sure whether I am more impressed by the multitude of materials that the children utilized while in construction one morning last week, or whether it was the almost perfect way that they returned all of those materials back to their designated spots in our construction zone.  Both of the aforementioned involve collaboration, concentration, and focus.

Keep in mind baskets, wooden napkin rings, cool whip containers, aluminum glasses, fruitcake tins, cedar blocks, tree cookies, tea kettle, aluminum pitcher, small paint brushes, bicycle chains, push-up bars, old wooden puzzles, cigar boxes, and the list could go on.  Most of these were someone else’s trash, repurposed goods that are treasures to us, and make for provocative, tactile, play items.  We welcome unique items to our construction zone.

See if you can find the items that I mentioned, similar to those puzzles in the Sunday’s Post Magazine, where you have to find items in one picture missing from the other.


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