Warmer Temperatures, Damp Earth and Four and Five Year-Old Children Are a Perfect Combination

IMG_8746 roly polysIMG_8740 centipedesIMG_8749 digging








Warmer temperatures, damp earth and four and five year-old children are a perfect combination.

I was intrigued watching the children delight in these conditions.  The grass has died off and the bare earth drew the children to dig.  They became archaeologists, uncovering all sorts of fossils, and live critters on this day.

Sounds of intense excitement brought me to three sites being unearthed using sticks, stones, and bare hands.  Centipedes, roly poly bugs, and worms were all coming up to enjoy the warmer temps.  The two groups met, and it was love at first sight!

We did remember that all life is to be respected, treated gently, and viewed as miracles that we long to have a deeper understanding about.  The children observed, respectfully, almost reverently,  the living creatures crawling, squirming, slithering, and balling up.

It was a truly delightful event – an unexpected surprise – a happening  – just for us because we were there.



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