Thank You, Princesses and Rangers, for Teaching Me!

IMG_1776 pinkyIMG_1777 pinkyIMG_1778 pinky

I hear stories all day long, and I never tire of it.  They’re entertaining, stimulating, blog-worthy jewels, giving insight to values that children hold dearly.

This morning as the children were arriving, I was drawn to this story as it was being acted out.  There were multiple stories happening, but this is the one that I just kept being pulled toward.  Maybe because it involved a pink pony, and all of you know that I am powerless when it comes to pink.

The storytellers involved two girls and one boy.  I was struck by the level of collaboration and ease in which this was happening.  I wondered, “How do they do it?  What’s their secret?”

After watching this unfold, writing notes, taking pictures, and becoming lost in their world, I realized that they just write it as they go, uninhibited by critique.  They actually welcome critique; it’s how the story unfolds.  They’ve realized it’s how the story grows.  Without critique, the story is dull, stagnant, lazy, small, powerless,  lacking provocative adjectives, and stimulating adverbs.

Thank you, Princesses and Rangers, for teaching me!


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