Does Your Image of the Child Equal the Complexity of the Work Being Done in These Photos?

IMG_1525 wrapping giftsIMG_1529 wrapping giftsIMG_1536 wrapping gifts

IMG_1538 writing cards








Since August we’ve been making and giving gifts to show our love and appreciation to family, friends, and guests.  We asked the children what they might do for the holidays for their families.  They decided to make gifts using one of the languages that they’ve worked with this year.  A couple of the choices were clay and drawing, using sharpies.  The children made and wrapped their own gifts.  I am sure you will appreciate the commitment and love that went into each gift.

In this post you can see one of the children wrapping her gift and writing a card for her family.  Think about your own Image of the Child.  Does it measure up to the work being done by this child in these photos?  Does your Image of the Child equal the complexity of the work being done in these photos?


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