The Project Continues to Pulsate with Life

IMG_1318 sewingIMG_1320 sewingIMG_1347 sewingIMG_1354 sewingIMG_1357 sewing

IMG_1360 sewing

Parents, thanks so much for attending our second Parent Workshop with presentation and materials workshop.  I was so touched by your support in coming out on such a cold, rainy Tuesday morning.  It was fun to review the It’s So Beautiful project, and to be introduced to its new components.  The project continues to pulsate with LIFE!.  Thanks for letting me introduce you to Loris Malaguzzi’s ideas about the Image of the Child.  It was fun to look at photos of our daily like with the Princesses and Rangers giving us an idea of our own Image of the Child.  This is a discussion I would like for us to continue.  As Malaguzzi stated, “It’s where our teaching begins.”  And the icing on the cake was the materials workshop where we had the opportunity to sew with the children making progress on our diversity quilt.  Think about your own image of the child as you look at the photos in this blog post.


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