It’s These Times That Provoke Me to Review and Revise My Own Image of the Child



IMG_1407 clayIMG_1409 OASISIMG_1414 OASIS



IMG_1418 clay








Almost every week there is some gift being made in the Princess and Ranger Room.  It’s an important way to show our love and appreciation to friends and family.  The two photos where children are working with clay are gifts that the children are making as holiday gifts.  We asked them to choose one of the languages that they have used in our class and use that language to create an original gift.  You can see the children using clay instruments and carefully carving our crevices.  In another of the clay photos you can see a child pinching the edge of her gift creating a pinch pot to sit her project in.  I am always amazed at their vision and creativity.  It’s the best time of the day when I can just practice the “Pedagogy of Listening”, a phrase by Carlina Rinaldi; where I sit close by, listen, and watch artists in action.  It’s these times that provoke me to review and revise my own Image of the Child,  and remind me of how strong and competent our children are.  The other two photos are photos of the gift that the children shared with our friends from OASIS.  It’s a holiday friendship chain.  The children created the chain, wrote their names, and drew pictures of friendship.



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