“Darrell, Stand under My Umbrella. It’s So Beautiful!”




The “It’s So Beautiful” project is growing.  Just look at the beauty in these three original, complex pieces of art.  The two pieces on the left were done as home research and presented to us as beautiful gifts.  PLEASE, when you’re in our room, find them and admire them.  They are alive with awesome glittery jewels and various other art media.

The photo on the right is only one of a group of art works that the children are working on.  This is part of the “It’s So Beautiful” project.  We’ve given the children the challenge of drawing beauty.  Hopefully, we can display these at some point with the children’s interpretation of beauty.  We’ll also give the children the challenge of how they might like to display these.

This project is so alive it pulsates daily with the exclamation, “It’s So Beautiful!”  For example Wednesday one of the children said, “Darrell, stand under my umbrella.  It’s so beautiful!”


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