The Desire to Create a Gift Creates a Warm Feeling, a Glow Deep Inside

IMG_0402making a giftIMG_0407making a giftIMG_0439making a gift










Creating gifts are important.  They tell others about our love for them.  The Princesses and Rangers are becoming Masters at creating gifts.  The desire to create a gift creates a warm feeling, a glow deep inside.  Faces light up when the mention of creating a gift is voiced.  Committees for gift making are easily filled and usually with a waiting list in the wings.  In these photos you can see one child working on a gift for our friends from OASIS who visit us once a month for lunch and fun.  The children made glittery hearts using collected twigs, different colors of paper, glitter, a glass baby food bottle, and recycled ribbon.  There’s not enough money in the world to buy such a precious gift!

 For those of you who aren’t yet aware, OASIS is an intergenerational work in its 4th year with my pre k classes.  


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