When This Triad, Consisting of Children, Parents, and Adults Is Nonfunctioning We Become Less Effective














Thanks to all of you for your presence, support, interest, and collaboration on Monday evening when we gathered in the Princess and Ranger room for our first of four family project meetings.  It was fun to share with you about the ongoing work in the first half hour as we walked through the powerpoint.  In this photo you can see one of our Dads working his magic with sewing.

Thanks to all of you for your great spirit in taking part in our big quilt project – another aspect of our diversity intention.  It’s a powerful lesson when children hear that Dads were sewing as well as Moms.  Children need to see role models doing activities that cross gender lines (sewing is typically viewed as a girl/woman activity).  We strive in the Princess and Ranger room to make it clear to all of the children that they may take part in any play (girls in construction and boys in the House area).   Crossing boundaries takes courage, and we invite the children to take these risks everyday.  We challenge ourselves to cross boundaries, and we extend this challenge to you as well.

We value you, parents, and it’s important for us that you understand the work that happens in the Princess and Ranger room.  We view the work as a collaboration between the children, parents, and adults in the room.  We invite you always to be our partners in documentation, research, learning.  When this triad consisting of  children, parents, and adults is nonfunctioning we become less effective.



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