Are You Listening to Children?

IMG_7271 bees

IMG_7273 bees



I thought that some of my faithful blog followers might like to hear about summer life on the farm in Louisiana.  I am living in the house where I grew up.  I sleep in the same bedroom where I slept as a child.  Coming back home every summer keeps me grounded in my country roots.

During the school year I read an article about returning home.  More and more adults are seeking that place of origin, that place where they began their journey.  For me, that place is rural South Louisiana.   Life is slow here.  The days are long.  Every summer I have a lengthy agenda, and then about this time when I am a third into my six weeks in Louisiana, I realize that I’d better start prioritizing.  That’s happening today:)

This summer  we’ve had unexpected visitors.  They seem to have found a home in the walls of our home.  They’ve been happily setting up residence and working since the spring, so we think.  From the two photos in this post, maybe you’ve already guessed that our visitors are bees .

So what do you do when bees have set up residence in your house?  “What would the Lollipops do,” I asked myself.  And the answer was clear!  They would save the bees.  During the year as you have read my posts you’ve heard me say that the children teach me powerful valuable lessons.  Children are competent decision makers.  They guide me in making decisions.   I listen, and again the chidden have come to my rescue.

I found a bee keeper who came to the house.  I told him that first and foremost there is a group of children in Washington, DC who want these bees saved.  He began his work by tenting the area so that the bees would remain contained.  Then he began to feel the wall for hot spots.  When he found the hot spots, he began to remove a portion of the wall.  There they were busily making honey.  The bees were unmoved by our presence.  I think they knew they were among friends, and that we weren’t going to harm them.  The bee keeper sucked up the bees using a gentle vacuum device.  They were placed in a safe container for transport to their new home – a new hive.  The bee keeper removed thirty pounds of honey from the walls.

The Lucky Lollipops’ empathy for nature and life is felt even as far as rural South Louisiana.  Oh, the power of children!






2 thoughts on “Are You Listening to Children?

  1. Oh my gosh, a miracle of nature! How wonderful that you have them safely relocated.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time at “home”. You are missed here!

    • Maggie, thanks for reading the post about the bees. You are so right – a miracle of nature. I am reminded of all of the miracles that we see everyday in our classroom with the children.

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