This Year’s Buttercup Festival

IMG_6311 butterups

IMG_6314 buttercups

This week buttercups were everywhere, and the children were celebrating them.  They just couldn’t resist the delicious buttery color.  Laughter abounded as the children set eyes upon the glorious array of flowers scattered throughout the grass on the hill.  The whole experience was contagious!  Before I knew it I was right in there with them delighted at the sight of all that yellow for all of us to enjoy.  The children picked the flowers.  They smelled the flowers.  They pretended the flowers were pads of butter – no they didn’t eat them – it was all pretend, but the dialogue was rich, exciting, and happy!  As quickly as the buttercups came, they went away, but certainly we will all have memories to last us until next year’s buttercup explosion.  The miracle of this year’s buttercup festival will last us a lifetime, and yes, how can anything so beautiful not be a miracle.


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