She Wanted the Flowers to Have a Purpose and to Live on.

IMG_6073 provocation


IMG_6101 provocation


One of my goals is to create beautiful spaces for the children to live in during the day.  That can be as simple as placing a piece of driftwood on a table.  The above photo shows one of those spaces.  One of the children brought in some flowers that she said were just laying on the ground.  She placed them on my desk.  Another child took the flowers and placed them on the driftwood.  Another child brought in some pine cones and placed them on the piece of driftwood.  And there you have it – a beautiful centerpiece for a table – all gifts to us by nature and the children.  The child who brought in the flowers said that they she didn’t cut them or break them off the plant, they were just there on the ground.  That shows a sense of empathy for the flowers.  The flowers had been separated from the plant, and she wanted the flowers to have a purpose and to live on.

In the glass vase in the second photo, there is another example of empathy for plants.  Coming in from play one day, the children saw this tulip on the ground next to the steps leading into our building.  The children decided to put the flower in water so that it could live on and continue to produce beauty.


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